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ARTe’s Tale is the story of ARTe the imp and his ongoing adventures in education and life.  He was born out of the need for each one of us to hear the truth once and a while.  Those of us that fear the truth tend to live in a bubble where we believe that all is righteous and true.  To grow professionally, we must be able to both look at ourselves objectively and be able to take criticism from others.  When we can, we are able to learn, grow and excel as never before.  Also, living in a bubble can be so boring!

ARTe’s Bio
This sometimes-abrasive imp often lacks the social etiquette that most instructors have when it
comes to critiquing students’ work. Most importantly he provides the truth of a situation when
others fail to have the backbone to just ‘tell it like it is.We sometimes need to hear the
truth, even if it hurts, and ARTe is the imp for the job.  Keep an eye out for him…

Student Quotes on ART

Dave Penton
“Mr. Tisherman is a master of design, and any time that I can spend time gleaning information from him, I relish the opportunity – and I never walk away disappointed!  Mark Holden has a perspective that is rooted within the pool industry, yet completely unique, and somehow unbiased and unaffected by the industry.  Talking to him is like talking to an outside observer, yet his intimate knowledge of our industry is apparent as soon as he begins to speak.  It is a perspective that I find refreshing. 
David and Mark bring a highly educated and decidedly artistic perspective to building pools. They are offering students the opportunity to learn from, and interact with true Artisans both from within and outside of our industry. They challenge students to continue to broaden their viewpoints and perspectives on how swimming pools should look and interact with their surroundings.”

Michael Logsdon
“I give David Tisherman credit for my knowledge of design and taking my education in landscape architecture to a higher level.  He is unquestionably, in my humble opinion, a true "master of design".  I am blown away that ART’s "maiden voyage" was so successful and how much there is to learn even though I have been in this industry of designing and building outdoor living spaces for 30 years.  The two classes exceeded my expectations as always when Holden and Tisherman are involved.  Shawn Hayes and Still's presentations were awesome.  Great job Mark and David!!!  Thank you so much, you all never cease to amaze me with your knowledge and passion for teaching and giving of that knowledge to those who are willing to admit that we can all improve!   

Mark McCabe
“When I am ART, I see how much I have to learn.  When I get back to the ‘home front’ and start to practice what I learned, I recognize growth.”

Manny Medoza
“This class is helping me to think outside the ‘pool box’.  Wonderful help!”

Casey Watson
“These classes were helpful in making me realize the real art in pool design and construction.”

Beto Garcia
“Their classes are great and opened my eyes in seeing things from a different angle.”

Roger and Sheri Soares II, Hydroscapes LLC
"Ernest Hemingway said that anything that was ever good, you paid for and that goes for the education we received this past weekend.  Not only with pigments, but what also to look for in good design.  Thank you David and Mark for taking time with all of us, and helping us think outside the box."


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