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design classes
(Jerry Werner)
Quality water structures use multiple lines of defense to control water loss and the formation of efflorescence.  Controlling salt and solids migration through shells, grouts, mortars or any cementitious material, waterproofing.  Fortunately all of these issues can be managed by the use ‘Green’ products that are readily available to licensed ‘Key Applicators’.  Hydrostatic pressure allow pool plasters to be the aesthetic user-interface waterproofing material selection, application and management.  Help to stop water loss and the formation of efflorescence.  Students may become authorized Aquron ‘Key Applicator’ Dealer.

color classes
(Shawn Still)
This hands-on class takes color theory and applies it to real-world materials, allowing students to set themselves apart from their competition by creating their own custom plaster and concrete blends for professional use. Students will learn step-by-step how to generate their own color formulations for dry and wet surfaces from a variety of raw materials and how to use them in their projects, giving them a competitive business edge. Students will also gain an understanding of various types of cementitious finishes available on the market today: their composition, formulas, materials, sourcing, manufacturing, warranties and life expectancies.

presentation classes
(Cameron Tapp, Chuck Westenhulm)
The most destructive part of a pool or water feature is the WATER!  So, analyzing, changing and maintaining healthy water and is essential for all vessels and their finishes, especially those with color.  Understanding how to test potable water and alter its chemistry allows these materials to remain more stable and to increase longevity.  This water is used initially to mix with cementitious materials.  Then it goes into filling a pool or water feature.  Finally the stability of this water allows for a happy swimming environment and chemistry that does not attack the pool’s finish.  Students will understand how to analyze, treat and maintain water chemistry with the use of specialized equipment that should be apart of EVERY project without exception.

.elective classes
(Bob Haning, David Tisherman)
Using color in pools and water features is a skill and likewise handling the program and clients is an essential quality for a PTx-Colors member.  Being able to use color effectively takes more than the technical skills.  It requires a fundamental behavior when utilizing the system.   This lecture illustrates these traits and professional traits to gain client confidence and profitability.  Professionals conclude their education in PTx-Colors with this class that helps them venture on a long road of color in water

General Track Classes
enhancing photos
(Douglas Hill & Eric Herman)
Great pictures and quality photo enhancing sells project, wins awards and get water professionals on the cover of magazines ever time.  Doing so sets you above your competition with clients.  Many projects disappear when they are finished because builders often fail to clearly document their work.  Quality photography and design graphics enable aquatic designers and builders alike to showcase their best projects for future clients, in print, on the Internet, for awards programs and future design reference.  Students will also learn how to manipulate graphic images and digital photographs in Adobe Photoshop.  This class teaches students basic photography skills while also learning to retouch, crop, stitch and color correct many forms of imagery for design and promotional purposes.



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